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  • chrissy teigen

    chrissy teigen

  • Ivan Galanin

    Ivan Galanin

    Co-founder, Adipeau, “It’s not aging. It’s fat fitness.” Co-founder, CuraPersona, “Leverage your wellness data for your own and the public good. “

  • JJ Lim, BSc (Hons)

    JJ Lim, BSc (Hons)

    Nutrition researcher; PhD in progress; Studying metabolism and weight management. Find me at Twitter: https://twitter.com/JJ_NutriScience

  • Barack Obama

    Barack Obama

    Dad, husband, President, citizen.

  • Tom Fitzgerald

    Tom Fitzgerald

    Nutritionist & Exercise Scientist specialising in body composition.

  • Tim Denning

    Tim Denning

    Aussie Blogger with 100M+ views — Writer for CNBC & Business Insider. Inspiring the world through Personal Development and Entrepreneurship — timdenning.com/wc

  • William Mougayar

    William Mougayar

    Author, The Business Blockchain (Wiley, 2016). Investor. Analyst. Speaker. Startup Management. 3x entrepreneur. HP, Cognizant. Blockchain theorist & strategist.

  • Heather Ashman

    Heather Ashman

    Writer. Single mother to transgender son. Still grieving the death of my partner. Lifelong fighter of depression and anxiety. M.A. in Human Behavior.

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