Hi Reinoud,

Thanks for taking the time out to leave a comment! You must have misunderstood me somehow–in no way am I professing to be an ‘expert.’ Instead, I’m presenting my point of view, supported by research. And because I’ve read a recent article you wrote, ‘I’m a writer, not a doctor,’ I think you’d be able to see where I’m coming from. Like you, I gather and process research, then aim to educate.

Could you let me know which complex statements–specifically–you have issues with? Perhaps I could help.

Also, while you may be right that real experts (who, exactly, are these experts?) aren’t vilifying insulin, your statement ‘insulin…is therefore one of the main suspects when it comes to weight gain metabolic disturbances, and diabetes’ is pretty indicative of your stance toward insulin.

As I’ve made it clear in this article, I’m not against the ketogenic diet. Instead, I see and fully acknowledge the keto diet’s value as a tool for individuals to cut down on their calories. Because the ketogenic diet has appetite-blunting effects, people feel fuller easily, which helps them stick to a calorie deficit. Ultimately, tightly-controlled studies have shown–over and over again–that the ketogenic diet does not produce superior weight loss when calories and protein are equated.

Looking forward to a fruitful discussion with you, Reinoud!

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