I Hit The Gym In Just Sports Bra For A Month— Here’s What Happened

I was too tall, too hairy (not even embarrassed to put this on the World Wide Web — sorry, Mom!), too chunky around the thighs, too broad at the shoulders, too fat at the arms, etc.

To sum it all up, my body was not appealing.

Why the heck am I covering up my incredibly cute sports bra with my meh tank top?

And so — the very next day, after a brief mental battle with myself in the changing room and a minor case of nerves, I took off my tank top and marched into the weights room with my head held high. Before you misunderstand: it’s not because magical confidence came to possess me, but because I believed that if I held my eyes high enough, I wouldn’t catch anyone’s eyes…

#1 — I was stared at, and I didn’t care

By both genders. You see, it’s only human nature. It’s skin — our eyes are naturally attracted to it. I came to accept it, and the stares no longer bothered me. Just concentrate on why you’re at the gym, and focus on crushing your workout. When you’re working through a particularly heavy set of deadlifts where your face turns into this angry red mess and you emit deep, primal and guttural sounds, people naturally avert their gazes. They’ll be busy with their own workout program too.

#2 — I came to accept all my belly fat rolls

#3 — I saved money on tank tops

In turn, I’ve spent it all on the latest, trending pastel-colour coordinated sports bra sets, and I’m not ashamed. In addition to saving money spent on tank tops, I’ve also saved myself the hassle of washing above-mentioned clothing articles. Wink.

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