The Issue I Have With ‘Diets Don’t Work’

And the unhelpful all-or-nothing mindset it encourages

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After analyzing nearly 22,000 overweight or obese adults who followed one of 14 popular diets, including the Atkins diet, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, DASH, and the Mediterranean diet, for an average of 6 months, researchers found that most of the participants regained the lost weight within one year.

Making sense of the widespread hatred for diets

Your metabolism slows down

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Smaller bodies require less energy (i.e. fewer calories) to function than a larger body.

Messes with your hunger and satisfaction cues

It’s like saying that you’re not going to study for that Mathematics test because you’re never going to get a perfect score — or be a Mathematician.

Overlooks your body’s set point theory

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How you navigate your food choices, along with your biological traits and energy balance, affects weight shifts over time. Weight isn’t based on a one-dimensional aspect.

Eliminates certain foods or food groups

The elimination of certain foods and food groups does indeed help individuals to keep to a calorie deficit — no matter if they’re actually aware of it or not.

Is intuitive eating the answer?

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But Is losing weight a sign of self-loathing?

But that’s not true; for some, the desire to shed some excess weight is an act of self-care and can be a positive experience.

Intuitive eating does have its benefits

Let’s learn from those who’ve successfully kept the weight off

We need to focus on patterns of behavior

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Because energy balance is the most crucial factor for producing weight loss, you can accomplish weight loss through your preferred diet strategy that allows you to sustain a calorie deficit.

Stop allowing your mindset to get in the way of your progress

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